Splunk buys security company Phantom in $350m deal

Splunk buys security company Phantom in $350m deal

Splunk, a San Francisco-based data analytics providers, has agreed to buy security company Phantom Cyber for around $350m.

QSC18 – Qualys Data + Splunk Security Analytics = Finding Hidden Threats

Searching through endpoint data for answers to pressing security problems has always been a challenge. Whether it’s finding the one critical server that is exhibiting strange behavior related to a recently uncovered threat, or seeing patterns across a large number of endpoints that indicate the presence of a botnet command and control mechanism, the answers are in the endpoint data. The integration of Qualys with Splunk offers security teams fast and effective analytic views into their data, elevating concerning patterns and security events into clearly understandable security dashboards. This presentation with show Splunk security dashboards based on data from Qualys Vulnerability Management, Policy Compliance, and Web Application Scanning. Learn how the wealth of security analysis and events generated by the combination of Qualys apps feeding Splunk’s Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) platform can find the threats hiding in your environment.

Don Leatham, Global Strategic Alliances – Security Markets, Splunk

Splunk for Security: What is Enterprise Security? | Ft. Advanced Detection & Improved Investigations

Splunk Enterprise Security is the centre of the security ecosystem, giving teams the insight to quickly detect and respond to internal and external attacks, and simplify threat management minimising risk.

Get an introduction to all this with our Splunk Technical Consultant Ben Marrable, covering digitally transforming your business and accelerating your journey to the cloud with data, overcoming common security challenges and modernising your security using new Splunk technology innovations.

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━ Chapters ━━━

0:00 – Introduction
1:53 – Splunk Enterprise Security – Demo
47:26 – FAQ & where to go for more

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Splunk Enterprise Security | Splunk Enterprise Installation | Splunk Training | Edureka

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Following pointers are covered in Splunk Enterprise Security video:-
00:01:02 What is Splunk Enterprise?
00:02:57 What is Splunk Enterprise Security?
00:06:09 How Splunk Enterprise Security Works?
00:09:54 Splunk Enterprise Security – Use Case Library
00:11:10 Installation & Demo


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Splunk SOAR Demo Video

Watch this demo to learn more about key capabilities of Splunk SOAR, including orchestration, automation, playbook development, case management, and collaboration functionality.