Risk protection firm Bolster lands $15m

Risk protection firm Bolster lands $15m

Bolster, an automated digital risk protection-focused firm, has scored $15m in a recent new investment round.

How to sew a bolster cushion by Debbie Shore

Sewing a bolster cushion couldn’t be easier! Make it in any size you like, and I’ll show you an easy way to add the end buttons to make indentations at each end. Whether it’s for your bed, either end of the sofa or your dining room chairs, these cushions will add a touch of class to your room!

Flipkart Cotton Fibre Bolster Pillow #shorts #yt

Flipkart Cotton Fibre Bolster Pillow #shorts #yt

Take a look at this indo creation Cotton, Polyester Fibre Solid Bolster Pack of 2 on Flipkart


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Today’s yoga tutorial is a little run through of some of the ways you can use a yoga bolster for a gentle restorative or yin practise, or even if you would like to intensify some poses. I love using a yoga bolster in my home practise, as they’re so supportive it means I can hold poses for longer and makes the experience a lot nicer. This buckwheat filled one shapes to your body as well making it extra supportive for back bends and inversions, also if you like to rest your head on a bolster in challenging poses. Most of the poses I talk through today can be held for minutes at a time, so get comfy, cosy and chill out!
You can also make a bolster at home with some rolled up blankets or cushions, or even make a bolster with a rolled up yoga mat with a blanket over.

I hope you enjoy this ‘how to use a yoga bolster’ tutorial / yoga chat and if you have any requests on yoga practises, breath work, meditations or yoga tutorials you’d like to see in 2020, please drop me a comment below 🙂

You can get 10% off yoga mats, blocks and other props at Ekotex with code HMFYOGA
http://ekotexyoga.co.uk?afmc=HMFYOGA &utm_campaign=HMFYOGA &utm_source=leaddyno &utm_medium=affiliate
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The Song Remains the Same with Liz Young | On The Tape Investing Podcast

Dan and Guy are joined by Liz Young, head of investment strategy at SoFi, to discuss what will move the broader market (4:00), Wall Street sentiment (8:00), earnings (11:00), what history says about a recession (26:00), what Liz is watching this week (29:00), and ODTE options (31:00).

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On The Tape is a weekly podcast with CNBC Fast Money’s Guy Adami, Dan Nathan and Danny Moses. They’re offering takes on the biggest market-moving headlines of the week, trade ideas, in-depth analysis, tips and advice. Each episode, they are joined by prominent Wall Street participants to help viewers make smarter investment decisions. Bear market, bull market, recession, inflation or deflation… we’re here to help guide your portfolio into the green. Risk Reversal brings you years of experience from former Wall Street insiders trading stocks to experts in the commodity market.

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