Prevailion scores strategic investment to support its expansion efforts

Prevailion scores strategic investment to support its expansion efforts

Prevailion, a cyber adversary intelligence provider, has closed a strategic investment round led by Allstate Strategic Ventures.

City of Lenexa: Leading The Way

Outstanding citizen survey results, positive progress on major projects and the return of many events and initiatives left Lenexa with plenty to celebrate by the end of 2021.

We had planned to mark the City of Lenexa’s 2021 accomplishments at Mayor Mike Boehm’s annual State of the City Address during the Lenexa Chamber of Commerce’s Feb. 16 luncheon. While rapidly rising COVID-19 cases resulted in the cancellation of the event, we wanted to share the video that Mayor Boehm would have presented.

Click on the link above to watch Mayor Boehm and your eight Lenexa City Councilmembers celebrate Lenexa’s 2021 success stories. These accomplishments are framed by the Lenexa Governing Body’s eight new Guiding Principles, each introduced by a different Councilmember.

Here are the times in the video where you learn more about projects that fulfilled the goals of a specific principle:

01:29 Superior Quality Services
04:24 Prudent Financial Management
05:37 Strategic Community Investment
08:46 Extraordinary Community Pride
10:41 Inclusive Community Building
12:20 Responsible Economic Development
14:06 Sustainable Policies and Practices
15:25 Values-Based Organizational Culture

Planning and Prioritizing Projects for Health

PBIC Health and Transportation Series, Part 4. Full series:

Attacking active directory | kerberoasting

Kerberoasting: Hacking 101
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00:00 – intro
00:35 – explaining the basics
02:53 – running
03:40 – create a domain user
04:38 – set the SPN for the user
05:08 – run the GetUserSPN script again
05:31 – cracking hicham_svc hash
The content in this video is for educational purposes only. We do not promote or condone any illegal activity or hacking without the expressed
written consent of the target. Any actions taken by viewers based on the content of this video is solely at their own risk and we will not be held
liable for any damages or legal consequences that may arise.

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