Cybersecurity company Sysnet acquires PCI compliance company NuArx

Cybersecurity company Sysnet acquires PCI compliance company NuArx

Cybersecurity and compliance solution platform Sysnet Global Solutions has acquired NuArx to help support its own market expansion.

What is PCI DSS?

What is PCI DSS? A summary of the PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard). Learn about the PCI DSS and how to comply with the standard.

PCI DSS Fundamentals

6th August, 2020

How To Become A PCI DSS Consultant

The Payment Card Industry (PCI) is arguably the most lucrative niche within the cybersecurity industry.
Eretmis Academy offers PCI DSS training. If you want to master the PCI DSS niche to become a PCI DSS subject matter expert (SME) serving in the roles like PCI specialist, manager, lead, analyst, etc., then our PCI DSS training program is the right choice for you.
Our program focuses on the skills and knowledge employers are looking for in a potential PCI DSS SME they might want to employ.
Use the links below to learn more about our PCI Training.
PCI DSS Specialist LIVE and ONLINE Class
PCI Specialist Course LIVE OPTION:

If you want to start learning PCI DSS immediately, the online version is the right option.
PCI Specialist Course ONLINE OPTION:

PCI DSS Expert LIVE and ONLINE Class

Instructor’s Info: Dr. Emmanuel Adu, QSA, PCIP, CISSP, CISA, Security+, CySA+, Pentest+, CSAP, CNSP, CNVP, AWS CP.
Dr. Adu is a PCI QSA at Eretmis Inc., a cybersecurity consulting firm based in New York.

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Break into Cybersecurity GRC (PCI-DSS Framework)

Calling all Aspiring Techies!

Are your looking to Cybersecurity GRC! PCI-DSS is a Framework to consider. The PCI-DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) Framework is a critical aspect of the payments industry, designed to secure credit card transactions and protect sensitive data from breaches. It is essential for any organization that accepts credit card payments to comply with the framework.

In this series, we’ll explore various topics related to PCI-DSS compliance, including how to assess an organization’s current security posture, identify gaps in their compliance, and implement controls to ensure they are fully compliant with the framework.

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